Long Way Down - Soundtrack To The TV Series From Real World Records

Long Way Down - Episode 5

Ewan and Charley encounter some astonishing African landscapes and wildlife in this episode. After their struggle through the mud they finally hit the tarmac road in Kenya to the sounds of Tama. The rural acoustic music of Bernard Kabanda accompanied the boarder crossing into Uganda and the driving sounds of BT and Sasha lift off as they take the next crossing into Rwanda. Bernard Kebanda reprises as the team have an amazing face to face with the mountain gorillas. Rwanda's brutal massacres are remembered, followed by the music of Geoffrey Oryema's song 'The River'. Down the sandy rutted roads of Tanzania to the music of Zawose and Brook and the final credits role to The River once more.

Track List

Long Way Down
Broken Glass
The Line
Badagry Beach
Snimbe (aves Susheela Raman)
Tugendeyo - Let's Go There
Marudzi Nemarudzi
Silent Move
Marvin's Groove
Abakazi De Kibuga - Crazy City Women
The River
Ntambalize Lijenje / Pumpkin Life
Rewind Erase
Kuna Kunguni / The Bedbugs Bite
Kasennyanku - The Firewood Collector