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The Boxer Rebellion

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When music is at its best, it transports you to another place, unleashes your imagination and transports you far, far from the maddening crowd. The Boxer Rebellion's debut album Exits is a flawless piece of melodic escapism that plunges so deep it should come equipped with a bungee rope.. writes Fly Magazine.

The Boxer Rebellion, currently finishing the follow up to their acclaimed 2005 debut Exits, take a somewhat different approach to making records. For TBR it has always been about creating albums that can be listened to from start to finish, that take you on a journey and let you escape the day to day mundanity. In the current climate of immediacy, and style over substance, The Boxer Rebellion prove that bands can still make albums that can be listened to long after those hogging the current spotlight have disappeared.

The band formed in 2001, through a chance meeting at Londons 12 Bar Club between vocalist Nathan, and guitarist Todd. This quickly cemented into a firm friendship which resulted in them living and writing together. College friends, bassist Adam and drummer Piers were soon intrigued, and completed the line-up. All shared common influences, and a passion for epic, escapist music - The Boxer Rebellion was born.

In June 2003, after funding and releasing their own limited edition self-titled EP, The Boxers bolstered their way onto Glastonburys New Bands tent, and were soon snapped up by Alan McGees Poptones label. Before the enormity of what they were doing had even registered, they spent months in the studio rehearsing and writing before disaster struck for Nicholson.

Floored by stomach cramps, riders were swapped for saline drips as Nathan left behind the sweaty British tour circuit for a hospital bed and a twelve hour operation to remove a life-threatening growth from his stomach. He was lucky. The result was the cancellation of tours with Razorlight and The Killers, among others.

The band pushed forward to release their debut album Exits in 2005 with significant press acclaim. Further interest from abroad saw the band playing shows in the latter half of 2005 in France, Italy and Japan with the likes of The Walkmen, before heading back to the UK to consolidate ideas for a second full-length release.

The Boxer Rebellion stand for longevity and substance, and they have both of these qualities in droves. Where other bands would have crumbled following the woes that have befallen this London four-piece, The Boxer Rebellion have re-grouped and re-discovered what makes them tick. Recent, packed live performances in London show that TBR have amassed a solid fanbase, and with superb new songs such as Flashing Red Light Means Go, Evacuate, Semi-Automatic and Silent Movie, the world is again their oyster.

"Pathological noise-rush warfare not heard since the old school mentalism of Richard Ashcroft..This band can alter your life."

- NME Magazine

"A labyrinthine journey that begins and ends from somewhere within, once Exits has pulled you in, you'll never want to find your way out!"

- The Fly Magazine

"If you're crying out for substance in music, The Boxer Rebellion are here to sooth your soul."

- Kerrang