Long Way Down - Soundtrack To The TV Series From Real World Records

On The Road

"At Real World, we were excited at the prospect of working on Long Way Down with Ewan and Charley. We had all really enjoyed Long Way Round. When they drew their new route out on the map, we were sure they were going to have an extraordinary adventure. Their route duly passed through a lot of places with which we had musical links. Africa is often portrayed as a problem, a continent in crisis. But in this film, in this music and most importantly in these people, you will also see and hear the real Africa that has been an incredible inspiration to me, Ewan and Charlie. Any project that can link Martyn Bennett, Abdelli, Sasha and BT, Hukwe Zawose and Maryam Mursaal is alright by me."

- Peter Gabriel

After circumnavigating the world the 'Long Way Round', Ewan and Charley couldn't wait for their next great biking journey and their second trip of a lifetime. 'Long Way Down' was conceived as an adventure and as an eye-opening experience on an amazing continent: Africa. With Ewan and Charley on motorcycles it was always going to be a tough challenge. The trip brought them into contact with amazing geography, climate, cultures, beliefs and, of course, people.

Ewan and Charley were able to camp in African villages and experience the local way of life, and the sounds and the rhythm of each country became an integral part of the trip. On returning to London the television show was produced using many of these sounds, and was also significantly enhanced by the amazing work of musicians who have worked closely with Peter Gabriel to make recordings totally in tune with not only the boys' own motorcycle adventure, but the countries and the continents through which they passed.

Music unquestionably enhances the enjoyment of life and, through the careful selection of tracks, this CD conjures up a lot of the emotions felt by the team on the 'Long Way Down' adventure.

You can hear Real World music on the BBC television series and the accompanying DVD and CD to be released on December 3rd. Drawing from the catalogue of outstanding artists - Geoffrey Oryema, Ayub Ogada, Joseph Arthur, Sheila Chandra, Adrian Sherwood to name but a few and introducing new unreleased tracks from Big Blue Ball, BT and Sasha, Ben Onono, The Boxer Rebellion and Dub Colossus - this is also an amazing musical journey.