Long Way Down - Soundtrack To The TV Series From Real World Records

Long Way Down - Episode 4

Tricky terrain dominated Ewan and Charley's journey this week. They were falling off their bikes to the sound of Azmari Dub by Dub Colossus. Geoffrey Oryema's uplifting Ye Ye Ye was the recurring theme on a more positive note. At the Kenyan boarder we heard Ayub Ogada and the more menacing atmosphere of the music of Zawose and Brook while the team camped in remote bandit country. A moving scene at the site of a school massacre in Kenya was accompanied by the beautiful Kothbiro by Ayub Ogada. The Boxer Rebellion could be heard while the guys hit the rough tracks of a grueling route till they arrived at the beautiful lodge complete with elephants to the music of Remmy Ongala's song Dodoma. The simple country music of Bernard Kabanda played as the team arrived at the little Masai village and sunrise reprised Ayub Ogada's music once again.

Track List

Long Way Down
Broken Glass
Azmari Dub
Black Rose
Ye Ye Ye
Marvin's Groove
Haliko Chijende / Let's Walk
Silent Move
Murder Ballad
Ntambalize Lijenje / Pumpkin Life
The Gospel of Goro Adachi
Cry To The World