Long Way Down - Soundtrack To The TV Series From Real World Records

Ayub Ogada

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Ayub Ogada's 20-year career as a professional musician includes eight years spent in a Nairobi band, some time busking on the Northern Line and a tour with Peter Gabriel - not to mention his forays into the film business.

He has had his songs featured in a number of prominent feature films such as Buffalo Soldiers, I Dreamed of Africa, DUMA and most recently The Constant Gardener and The Trail. Ayub has also composed music for TV - Into Africa (PBS), Hamilton Mattress (BBC) and the music for the IKEA Tattoo Advert. Ayub performed at the Live8 concert at the Eden Project in July 2005.

He was born in Kenya among the Luo people and is an accomplished performer on the nyatiti. Ayub Ogada moved on to form his own band, African Heritage, in 1979, and with this group he began to explore the mixing of different cultures that has become a hallmark of his music. Eventually he went solo, supplementing his earnings with stints in front of the camera and behind the scenes on movies being made in Kenya, such as 'Out of Africa' and 'The Kitchen Toto'.

In the mid-eighties he moved to London, playing for a while in Taxi Pata Pata, as well as busking in the London Underground, before forming another band, Orchestra Rafiki. An appearance at the 1989 WOMAD festival in Carlyon Bay, Cornwall, led to a long association with Real World Records, where he has released one album, 'En Mana Kuoyo', and collaborated with the likes of World Party's Karl Wallinger, Jah Wobble and, of course, Peter Gabriel.